Maps & Geocoder Settings

This tab contains the settings for the different API providers built-in GEO my WP or any of the extension.

  1. Maps Provider - select the maps provider that you would like to use. GEO my WP provides Google Maps and LeafLet ( with OpenStreetMaps ) providers out of the box.
  2. Google Maps API - when you choose to use Google Maps as the provider, you require to provide 2 Maps API keys; a Server key and a browser key. In this tutorial, you can learn how to create both keys. When you are done, enter both keys in the input boxes.
  3. Google Maps API for China - Check this check-box if your server is located in China and Google Maps features are not working properly on your site.
  4. Nominatim ( OSM ) - when you select LeafLet as the map provider, you only need to provide an email address. No API keys are required.