Extensions - Overview

All of GEO my WP features are built into different extensions. This way you can choose to enable only the features that you want, preventing GEO my WP from loading unnecessary features which improves its performance.

GEO my WP provides you with multiple core extensions out of the box, which provides extra features to GEO my WP. While some of the core extensions are optional, two of them are essential for the basic functionality of GEO my WP. Those are the Posts Locator and the Members Locator extensions, which you can use to geotag different elements of your site and create proximity search forms.

Note that unless you are using a premium extension, the first thing that needs to be done after installing and activating GEO my WP is activating at least one of its essential core extensions; the Posts Locator and/or the Members Locator extensions. 

Core Extensions

  1. Posts Locator - geotag any of the registered post types of your site. Create Post Types Locator forms to search and find post types based on address, radius, taxonomies and more ( see more ).
  2. Members Locator - geotag BuddyPress members and create Members Locator forms to search and find members based on address, radius, Extended Profile fields and more ( see more ).
  3. Current Location - use a shortcode or a widget to display a simple form which the visitor can use to add his current location. This current location will be saved and used with the different features of GEO my WP, such as displaying nearby locations.
  4. Single Location - use a shortcode or a widget to display the location of a specific object, such as a post or BuddyPress member. You can choose to display the address, map, directions link, and more.
  5. Sweet-Date Geolocation - this extension requires the Sweet Date theme, and it provides geolocation feature to it.

Premium Extension

The premium extensions provide additional features that do not exist in GEO my WP core plugin. Visit GEO my WP extension's store to see the various extensions and what they offer.