Posts Locator - Geotag a Post

In order for a post to be searchable via GEO my WP search forms and for it to show on a map, it must have geolocation assign to it. Luckily, GEO my WP and the Posts Locator core extension comes with a built-in geolocation system for post types.

To be able to geotag posts, the Posts Locator extension need to be activated and set up

Navigate to the "Edit Post" page by creating a new post or editing an existing one. You should now see the location form of GEO my WP added to the Edit post page.

You can use this location form to add a location by manually typing in the address, by dragging the marker on the map or using the locator button inside the address field. 

Once you are done adding the location, click the "Update" button of the post to save the location.