Posts Locator - Settings

Once the Posts Locator core extension is activated, navigate to GEO my WP Settings page ( dashboard -> GEO my WP -> Settings ), and click the Posts Locator tab to see the different settings of the extension.

Below are the settings provided by GEO my WP core plugin. Additional settings might be provided via extensions.

  1. Post types - select the post types for which you would like to enable geotagging. By doing so, GEO my WP location section will be added to the "Edit Post" page of the selected post types.

  2. Map settings - set up the map of the location section in the admin's Edit Post page. You can set the coordinates for the default location, the map type, and the zoom level
  3. Mandatory Location - when enabled, a location will be required in order to publish a post via the Edit Post page.