Admin Pages

Once GEO my WP is installed and activated its new administration menu ( GEO my WP ) will be added to the dashboard's main menu. In addition to the main menu, five submenu items are created as well, when an administration page created for each of the submenu items.

Extensions page

GEO my WP's Extensions page displays all the available extensions provided by GEO my WP, and you can enable or disable any of the extension; The core extensions that are built-in GEO my WP, as well as the premium extensions that you can purchase from GEO my WP extensions store.

Extensions Page

Settings Page

GEO my WP's Settings page provides you with the different settings for the core features of GEO my WP as well as the settings that provided by any of the extensions activated on your site.

Forms Builder Page

In GEO my WP's Forms page, you can create and manage unlimited, advanced proximity search forms. Using GEO my WP's search forms, your visitors can search and find posts, BuddyPress members and more, based on an address entered, radius, taxonomies and more.

Import / Export Page

This is where you can import and export GEO my WP settings, forms, and locations.

Tools Page

In GEO my WP's Tools page you can check your system information, test your API key, restores the settings of your site and uninstall GEO my WP.