General Settings

Navigate to GEO my WP Settings page ( dashboard -> GEO my WP -> Settings ), and General Settings is the first tab that you will see. This tab Provides you with the basic settings of GEO my WP.

  1. Plugin Usage Tracking - Check this check-box to allow GEO my WP track the plugin usage on your site. Doing so help us improve GEO my WP and the extensions.
  2. Default Region - Enter the country code that will be used as the default with the API providers. The country code controls the default region when geocoding an address and when using other services provided by the API providers. List of countries code can be found here.
  3. Default Language - Set the default language to be used with the API providers. The language codes can be found here.
  4. Auto Locator - when enabled, GEO my WP will try to retrieve the visitor's current location when first visits the website. If a location was found, it will be saved via cookies and will be used with some of GEO my WP features; such as dynamically displaying results nearby the visitor
  5. Results Page - the page you select from the drop-down select box will be used to display the search results ( of any of your forms ) when using the "GMW Search Form" widget. The plugin will first check if a results page was set in the form settings, and if so, the results will be displayed on that page. Otherwise, if no results page was set in the form settings, the results will be displayed on the page you select here. To use this feature, select the results page from the dropdown menu and paste the shortcode <code>[gmw form="results"]</code> to the content area of the page that you selected.